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Scarborough Opportunity Report: Towards A Comprehensive Walking & Cycling Network

This project and report was inspired by the excellent work done by students during the Winter of 2021 in the Department of Human Georgraphy: City Studies class “CITD12: Planning and Building Public Spaces in Toronto” taught by Professor Andre Sorensen. The five top students in the class were invited to participate in the research for and writing of this report during the period May–July 2021. It is dedicated to all University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) students who are working to make Scarborough a better and more sustainable place to live and work.


Team leader: Andre Sorensen.


UTSC Students team: Isaac Bortolussi, Ivan Chong, Jamila Gowie, Nadhiena Shankar, and Kelly Anne Vigayan

Advisory committee: Brendan Agnew-Iler, Nancy Smith Lea, Marvin Macaraig, Dylan Reid, and Kevin Rupasinghe


Active transportation — especially walking and cycling — is the most efficient, equitable, sustainable, and accessible form of mobility, yet existing infrastructure actively discourages it in Scarborough, and the city has made little progress in improving this situation. 

This report provides recommendations to help the City of Toronto jump-start its policies for active transportation in Scarborough and achieve its policy goals for sustainability, inclusion, and safer, more vibrant streets. 

We show that although Scarborough is currently highly automobile-dependent for mobility, Scarborough’s urban forms, density, and land-use patterns present excellent opportunities to create a safer more vibrant city in which walking and cycling represent a much higher share of all trips. 

We call on the City of Toronto to develop a long-term plan to build a comprehensive active transportation network in Scarborough. 

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